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As a federal law enforcement agent for nearly twenty (20) years, I have trained in many different places in an effort to improve my physical skills necessary for my job.  None; however, have offered me the positive experience that I have enjoyed here at AMA.  Since my first day, Mike has treated me like family.  By providing a “second to none” training environment in which all ego’s are “checked at the door”, I have (under the expert instruction of Jamie Cruz) improved my grappling and BJJ skills exponentially. The highly informative, yet relaxed, training environment has impressed me so much that my eight year old son now trains here too.

Carl, Special Agent, United States Secret Service

I have been training at the AMA Fight Club for over 2 years now and have only positive things to say about the outstanding instructors in all disciplines, and the positive attitudes that permeate the gym.  I am an orthopedic surgeon  in my 40′s and have found an excellent outlet for my daily stresses, and a great venue to stay in shape.  The hours are flexible enough to always find a day when I can train.  Regardless of whether you are looking to fight at a competitive level, get into shape, or teach your kids the values of discipline, respect and hard work, AMA is the place to do it!

R. Gehrmann, MD

“My name is Andrew Mendez and I have been a kickbox instructor for the past 4 years. I was looking to take my training and knowledge of kickboxing to the next level. I remembered that an old friend Mike Constantino owns one of the top MMA schools in the country called AMA Fight Club. After taking my free trial class i was instantly hooked. I took a Muay Thai class and really understood what Muay Thai is all about. The class was great and i got a sick workout. The staff is extremely friendly and all the members train hard. If you are looking to work hard, train harder and learn from the best, AMA is the place for you. I could not be any happier.”

DJ Andrew Mendez

I have had the privilege to be at AMA from the very early beginnings. Though the school has grown tremendously you will still get plenty of personal attention from Jamie Cruz. Jamie is a fantastic teacher who will push you to do your very best, and not let you quit. I have to say I am almost 40, and in the best shape of my life. I owe that to him, as well as having the opportunity to grapple allstar college wrestlers and professional fighters whenever I come to train. As for Mike Constantino, he’s not just the owner of the school. You can consider him a mentor, a training partner, and a friend. I am thoroughly satisfied with the school and the staff. I plan on training at AMA until I can no longer physically do it. Do yourself a favor and come try out the school!

Matthew Caccamo - Financial Advisor – BJJ Student – 38 Years Old

I have been at AMA now for a little over two months but have trained on and off throughout much of my life in various martial arts.  By far, I am extremely satisfied and impressed by the caliber of the school and professionalism of the instructors and students at AMA.  I am a lawyer by profession working for an insurance company with a schedule that can be quite hectic some nights.  So, when I have the time to workout, I need to make sure it is the most intense and beneficial workout I can get in.  Training in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program at AMA is very rewarding.  The workout you get from BJJ is beyond words.  It works every facet of your body and at age 39 has gotten me back in the same shape I was back in high school.  I would recommend this school to anyone looking to have some fun and get in the best shape of their life, regardless of age.  The people at AMA go out of their way to make you feel welcomed from day one.

Daniel J. Maloney, Jr., Esq., MBA, Lawyer / Insurance Professional